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Astroparticle Physics


first semester, 6 ec
32 hrs lecture Wednesday 10:30 - 12:30 HG 02.702
32 hrs problem session Monday 13:30 - 15:30HG 02.702

Wednesday 18.01.2012, 9:00-12:00, HG02.702

31.08.2011Introduction and historical remarks
07.09.2011 Direct measurements of cosmic rays
12.09.2011Properties of cosmic rays at low energies (Monday)
26.09.2011 Propagation of cosmic rays in the Galaxy (Monday)
28.09.2011 Fermi acceleration
19.10.2011 Galactic and extragalactic sources of cosmic rays
26.10.2011 Extensive air showers
02.11.2011 Extensive air showers - Heitler model
21.11.2011 Air shower experiments (Monday)
23.11.2011 Properties of cosmic rays with energies exceeding 100 TeV - Galactic cosmic rays and the knee
28.11.2011 Extragalactic cosmic rays (Monday)
30.11.2011 Radio detection of air showers / High-energy gamma rays
07.12.2011 TeV gamma-ray galactic sources
14.12.2011 TeV gamma-ray extragalactic sources / Neutrinos
11.01.2012 Astrophysical Neutrinos
16.01.2012 Neutrino astronomy (Monday)

Problem sessions:

Teaching assistant: Satyendra Thoudam (S.Thoudam#astro.ru.nl)

Solutions for the problems will be discussed during the corresponding werkcollege and written on the blackboard.
The students are strongly encouraged to actively participate and present their solutions at the blackboard.
Students who participate regularly (typically 2 to 3 times at the blackboard) will obtain a bonus point for the final exam.
The solutions elaborated by the students will not be collected, they do not need to be delivedred.

05.09.2011Werkcollege 1
14.09.2011Werkcollege 2 (Wednesday)
19.09.2011Werkcollege 3
03.10.2011Werkcollege 4
17.10.2011Werkcollege 5
24.10.2011Werkcollege 6
31.10.2011Werkcollege 7
07.11.2011Werkcollege 8
05.12.2011Werkcollege 9
12.12.2011Werkcollege 10
09.01.2012Werkcollege 11

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Jörg R. Hörandel