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Observational Astronomy (Astronomisch Practicum 1)


P. Groot
J.R. Hörandel
1e jaar, kwartaal II & III, 3 ec
32uur practicum
kwartaal II: Woensdag 13:30 - 17:30
kwartaal III: Maandag 8:30 - 12:30

Teaching assistant: Anna Nelles (A.Nelles#astro.ru.nl)

For the telescope sessions a list of names and a schedule are available within the blackboard system.

09.11.2012 (Wo) Introduction to course (opdracht) Lin 1
23.11.2012 (Wo) Coordinate systems and introduction to final project (group list) Lin 4
30.11.2012 (Wo) Introduction to 35 cm telescope and CCD camera (during daylight) (opdracht) telescope
14.12.2012 (Wo) Introduction to Linux and IRAF (Image Reduction and Analysis Facility) in computer room (opdracht) (data file) (group list) HG00.075
11.01.2012 (Wo) Guided night observations - star clusters and other objects telescope
30.01.2012 (Ma) Physics of a CCD; flatfields, dark current (opdracht) HG00.029
15.02.2012 (Ma) Individual telescope practice, dark current and flatfields (opdracht) telescope
27.02.2012 (Ma) Introduction to spectroscopy (opdracht) HG00.029
12.03.2012 (Ma) Final project (to be delivered before 15 April 2012) telescope

H. Bradt
Astronomy Methods
Cambridge University Press

Jörg R. Hörandel