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Publications in Refereed Journals

  1. A non-parametric approach to infer the energy spectrum and the mass composition of cosmic rays
    T. Antoni et al. (KASCADE Collaboration)
    Astroparticle Physics 16 (2002) 245 (astro-ph/0102443)

  2. Muon density measurements with the KASCADE central detector
    T. Antoni et al. (KASCADE Collaboration)
    Astroparticle Physics 16 (2002) 373 (astro-ph/0103363)

  3. The composition of cosmic rays at the knee
    S.P. Swordy, L.F. Fortson, J. Hinton, J. Hörandel, J. Knapp, C.L. Pryke, T. Shibata, S.P. Wakely, Z. Cao, M.L. Cherry, S. Coutu, J. Cronin, R. Engel, J.W. Fowler, K.-H. Kampert, J. Kettler, D.B. Kieda, J. Matthews, S.A. Minnick, A. Moiseev, D. Müller, M. Roth, A. Sill, G. Spiczak
    Astroparticle Physics 18 (2002) 129 (astro-ph/0202159)

Own Conference Proceedings and Publications in Non-Refereed Journals

  1. On the scent of the knee - air shower measurements with KASCADE
    J.R. Hörandel et al. (KASCADE Collaboration)
    Nucl. Phys. B (Proc. Suppl.) 110 (2002) 453 (astro-ph/0201109)

Further conference contributions as coauthor

    Jörg R. Hörandel