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Optica en Sterrenkijker


1e jaar, kwartaal II
Andrei Kirilyuk
Jörg R. Hörandel
Teaching assistant: Kars Verbeek (K.Verbeek#science.ru.nl)

Telescope Projects (examples):

  1. observe the moon and identify main craters
  2. determine the revolution time of some Jupiter moons
  3. measure the (relative) temperature of some stars (look for the maximum in the black body spectrum)
  4. measure the depth of moon craters by looking at the length of the shade
  5. composite/mosaic photo of the moon/pleiades
  6. make a movie of the Jupiter moons
  7. measure the (relative) temperature of stars in a globular cluster/pleiades/Orion nebula/Andromeda/...
  8. observe one of the other planets (Mars, Saturn, Venus, Mercury)
  9. variable or binary stars: try to find the period
  10. observe the Whirlpool Galaxy
  11. observe one of these Messier objects (check the magnitude and size of the object first)

Jörg R. Hörandel